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Pharma & Biopharma Manufacturing
We seek to understand the goals you have for your drug and then provide the solutions that will help you overcome your development and manufacturing challenges. With the right products, services, and guidance we can help you improve process economics, accelerate time to market and mitigate production risks. Whether you are manufacturing the therapies of today or the cures of tomorrow, we look forward to putting our years of expertise to work for you.
Molecular Biology & Functional Genomics
Molecular biology and functional genomic reagents and resources enable scientists to research the molecular machinery and pathways that drive all biological systems. From gene editing, DNA and RNA, oligos, qPCR, to protein expression, detection, and quantification, our comprehensive offering of world-class reagents are readily available for you to make discoveries in both healthy and disease tissues. Developed by our team of experts, explore our rich technical content, troubleshooting guides, and protocols and drive your research forward.
Materials Science
We provide ready-to-use nanomaterials, including functionalized nanoparticles, quantum dots, carbon nanomaterials, boron nitride nanotubes, perovskites, and OLED materials. Our biomedical materials comprise degradable polymers, natural polymers, block copolymers, hydrogels, and PEGs. Our high-performance energy materials and electronics materials have advanced semiconducting capacity and power density. Our high-purity metal salts, deposition precursors, metals, alloys, oxides, monomers, polymers, initiators, and additional polymerization tools ensure the synthesis of high-quality materials.
Water Purification
Our water purification system portfolio includes pure and ultrapure water purification systems designed for scientists in validated and non-validated pharmaceutical, clinical, academic, industrial, research, and government laboratories. We also offer complete solutions designed to meet your laboratory water needs. After careful evaluation, our Lab Water experts will propose the best-adapted lab water purification solution.
Laboratory equipment, glassware, and plasticware are essential for the success of any laboratory. Through our partnerships with brands you know and trust, we offer a wide selection of laboratory equipment and supplies to support more than 100 areas of interest.
Industrial Microbiology
We offer a complete range of high-quality microbiological testing solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, municipal water, beverage and food industries. Discover our industrial microbiology solutions for microbial environmental monitoring, microbial food testing, beverage spoilage testing, pharmaceutical microbiology and sterility testing. Discover our broad range of culture media, base ingredients for media, and microbiology equipment.
Clinical & Diagnostics
From consistent routine and special stains, to reliable Cell Marque™ IHC primary antibodies, universal reagents, control slides and cell lines, we provide efficient, precise solutions for research and clinical pathology laboratories. We developed trusted staining solutions and ready-to-use test kits, as well as Biological Stain Commission (BSC) certified dyes, centrifugation media, and in vitro diagnostics immunohistochemistry (IHC) antibodies and reagents. Our complete line of solvents and fixatives for microscopy sample preparation, mounting media for routine and fluorescent applications, and tissue quality control slides allows increased stability, ease of use, and reproducibility of results. Our products are manufactured following cGMP practices, and our IVD stains and kits comply with ISO 13485 and CFR 820. Our pathology lab reagents are IVD-registered and CE-certified where required.
Chemistry & Biochemicals
Innovation drives science and we are a leader in chemistry innovation. Discover our broad portfolio of innovative chemistry products and custom chemistry services for all your laboratory and production applications. We provide chemical synthesis building blocks and catalysts for medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, organic and inorganic lab chemicals and reagents, and cutting-edge materials such as polymers and nanomaterials used in biomedical, electronics, engineering, and energy applications. Accelerate your research with our vast online database of chemical properties, protocols, and publications to empower your discoveries. Scientific and technological advancements are making it easier to understand the causes of and physiological processes of diseases and how molecular and biochemical aspects play a role. Our biochemicals portfolio, including amino acids, antibiotics, buffers, coenzymes, detergents, and lipids, provides an uncompromising standard of quality and consistency for a multitude of life science research fields, including lipidomics, neuroscience, cell culture, and cancer research. Explore our metabolite compound libraries and assay kits covering key metabolic pathways for convenient and dependable analysis in metabolomics research.
Cell Culture & Analysis
Cell culture is fundamental in life science research and development. Whether your goal is to establish relevant cell models to probe complex biology, establish drug discovery and drug development assays, or produce recombinant proteins or therapeutics, we have everything you need to advance your science. Our cell culture workflow portfolio, advanced cell culture solutions, cell counting and imaging equipment, cultureware, extracellular matrices, hydrogels, sterile filtration consumables, reagents, media, sera, and growth factors offer quality essentials for 2D and 3D cell culture experiments.
Protein Biology
From antibodies to enzymes and bioactive small molecules, we have the support you need for your protein biology research. Discover our large portfolio of antibodies along with high-quality protein electrophoresis and Western blotting products. Or, explore our reliable chromatography products for protein purification and protein sample prep. We also offer dependable proteins, enzymes, and bioactive small molecules for various research applications.
Whether you need to separate and concentrate proteins and other biomolecules or collect and remove contaminants from air or liquid samples prior to downstream analysis, our broad selection of syringe filters, membranes, filter holders, and tangential flow and centrifugal filtration devices ensures we have the right solution for your application. Our time-tested filtration products are proven in HPLC, mass spectrometry, protein preparation, testing lab, and pharma QC workflows. Our products span the full range of scalable consumables and equipment for research, process development, environmental, and commercial manufacturing applications.