Reference Materials

Our portfolio of over 20,000 products includes standards for environmental, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostic and toxicology, forensic, food and beverage, cannabis, GMO standards, cosmetics, veterinary, and much more, as well as OEM and custom products and services. All standards manufacturing sites are at a minimum double accredited to ISO 17034 and ISO/IEC 17025 which is the highest achievable quality level for reference material producers.
Biomarker & Metabolite Standards
Reference standards of hormones, hydroxyvitamin D, amino acid metabolites, and catecholamines for biomarker analysis and metabolomics.
Microbiology Standards
Microbiological certified reference materials such as bacteria, molds and yeast in the form of VITROIDS™ and LENTICULE® discs.
Organic Pollutant Standards
For testing of soil, water, air, or waste, we offer a range of high-quality reference materials as neat, single, and multi-component standards. Our extensive and wide selection of organic chemicals is available as analytical standards and certified reference materials for your laboratory needs.
Pesticide Standards
Pesticide reference material standards with a variety of quality grades such as analytical standard grade (PESTANAL®), reference material or certified reference material (TraceCERT®) grade for food, environmental analyses
Petrochemical Standards
Our selection of petroleum and petrochemical reference standards includes biofuel, gasoline, diesel, hydrocarbon, and sulfur standards in both neat and solution to ensure the safe and efficient use of fuels in various industrial applications.
Pharmacopeia & Metrological Institutes Standards
Our extensive selection of pharmacopeia and national metrology institute standards belong to USP, EP, British Pharmacopoeia, BAM, NIST, NMIA, and IRMM/BCR for quality control in pharmaceutical laboratories and industries.
Pharmaceuticals, Illicit Drugs & Alcohol Standards
Browse for a broad spectrum of certified reference materials for various pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs and diagnostic biomarkers for your laboratory testing requirements.
Physical & Chemical Properties Standards
We offer a wide choice of high-quality certified reference materials (CRMs) for the routine calibration of your equipment such as buffers, volumetric standards, color reference solutions, BOD/COD, TOC, and other reference materials for physical properties.
Phytochemical Standards
Our collection of phytochemical standards, including analytical standards, primary reference standards, and certified reference materials of herbal medicines, multicomponent plant extracts, and botanical extracts can meet your analytical testing needs.
Proficiency Testing Standards
Proficiency testing or interlaboratory comparison testing is a tool for quality assessment and quality control for laboratories. Our Supelco® PT and test components offer key performance data to monitor and prove the competency to customers, regulatory bodies, or both.
Vitamin Standards
Water- and fat-soluble vitamin standards, from analytical standard to pharmaceutical reference standard purity grade for your various applications involving HPLC and GC instruments.
Matrix Materials Standards
Matrix certified reference materials for drinking water, soil, food, wastewater and environmental testing.
Lipids - FA/FAME/Oils/Sterols Standards
Our lipids and fatty acids standards are suitable for your broad range of industrial applications specifically for food matrix testing, microbiology testing, analysis of functional foods or nutraceutical formulations, clinical and diagnostic testing, and biomarker discovery, both prognostic and diagnostic.
Cannabis Standards
Analytical standards and certified reference materials for analysis of terpenes, cannabinoids, pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and cannabis potency testing.
Carbohydrate Standards
Analytical standards and certified reference materials/pharmaceutical reference standards of different carbohydrates (monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides) for analytical testing in pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.
Certified Reference Materials
Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for applications in forensic and clinical toxicology analysis, diagnostic testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, cannabis testing, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical research, and food & beverage testing.
Chromatography Standards
Certified Reference Materials & reference standards for chromatography-based testing applications including forensic and clinical toxicology analysis, diagnostic testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, cannabis testing, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical research, and food & beverage testing
Food Additives Standards
For accurate detection of all regulated food additives, we offer a wide selection of neat and deuterated analytical standards for quality and safety control of your products.
Food & Cosmetic Component Standards
Analytical standards and Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for food and beverage, cosmetic, and personal care products, including flavors, fragrances, essential oils, toxins, UV-blockers, sweeteners, and organic acids.
ICP and AAS Standards
High-purity standards for inorganic trace and ultra-trace analysis. The reference materials for AAS and ICP are ready-to-use solutions, certified and traceable to primary standard reference material from NIST.
Inorganic Elemental Impurity Mix Standards
Reference materials of inorganic elemental impurity mixes as per ICHQ3D guidelines for your ICP or AAS based tests of drug products in pharmaceutical analysis.
Ion Chromatography Standards
Reference standards for ion chromatography include Certified Reference Material (CRM) solutions of single- and multi-ions and carbohydrates for the accurate analysis.
Karl Fischer Standards
With Aquastar® reagents and standards, the water content of solids, liquids, and gases can be determined effortlessly with a high degree of accuracy. Purchase our range of Aquastar® water standards for both volumetric and coulometric titrations.