Chromatography Standards

Chromatography Standards
Certified Reference Materials & reference standards for chromatography-based testing applications including forensic and clinical toxicology analysis, diagnostic testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, cannabis testing, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical research, and food & beverage testing


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Product Number Product Description Pricing
21986 (+)-3-CARENE, TERPENE STA Expand
80605 (+)-ALPHA-PINENE, TERPENE Expand
83073 (+)-Alpha-Terpineol analytical standard Expand
80607 (+)-BETA-PINENE, TERPENE Expand
68878 (+)-Borneol analytical standard Expand
22070 (+)-CARVONE, TERPENE STAN Expand
43412 (+)-Catechin Expand
46198 (+)-Fenchol analytical standard Expand
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