Food & Cosmetic Component Standards

Food & Cosmetic Component Standards
Analytical standards and Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for food and beverage, cosmetic, and personal care products, including flavors, fragrances, essential oils, toxins, UV-blockers, sweeteners, and organic acids.


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Product Number Product Description Pricing
46937 (+) LACTIC ACID Expand
80605 (+)-ALPHA-PINENE, TERPENE Expand
80607 (+)-BETA-PINENE, TERPENE Expand
79245 (+)-CARVONE Expand
93483 (+)-Cedrol analytical standard Expand
46208 (+)-FENCHONE Expand
82569 (+)-PULEGONE, TERPENE STA Expand
83915 (+)-Rose oxide analytical standard Expand
96870 (+/-)-2-BUTANOL, STANDARD Expand
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