Cell Culture & Analysis

Cell culture is fundamental in life science research and development. Whether your goal is to establish relevant cell models to probe complex biology, establish drug discovery and drug development assays, or produce recombinant proteins or therapeutics, we have everything you need to advance your science. Our cell culture workflow portfolio, advanced cell culture solutions, cell counting and imaging equipment, cultureware, extracellular matrices, hydrogels, sterile filtration consumables, reagents, media, sera, and growth factors offer quality essentials for 2D and 3D cell culture experiments.
3D Cell Culture
Cells naturally grow and differentiate in 3D environments. Improved 3D cell culture models can more accurately replicate the native tissue environment to provide meaningful scientific conclusions. We offer a broad portfolio of solutions for 3D cell culture including products for supporting spheroid growth, scaffolds, hydrogels, organoids, ULA plates, and other cultureware.
Cell Analysis
Many different cell analysis techniques are used to help elucidate factors affecting cell proliferation, death, health, and function. Our cell analysis instruments and reagents allow researchers to utilize a variety of techniques, including live cell imaging, cell counting, cell health, cell isolation, and cell migration and invasion. In addition to standard reagents and kits, our specialty instruments provide additional tools to researchers investigating cell processes. The CellASIC® ONIX2 Microfluidic System allows for precise control over complex culture environments while allowing researchers to image in real-time.
Cell Culture Media & Buffers
It is a testament to Dulbecco, Eagle, Ringer and other pioneering physicians and scientists that the media formulations they developed are still widely in use today. Variations of these and other classical media have been refined in response to the need for physiologically-relevant environments for diverse mammalian cell cultures. Whether you're growing adherent suspension phenotypes, with or without FBS, need high- or low-glutamine, ready-to-use liquid or easy-to-store powder – you'll find just what you need for cell culture here. These media and salts, along with their components, have been qualified for cell culture applications, and are manufactured in our state-of-the art facilities.
Cell Culture Supplements & Reagents
Ensuring adequate cell growth relies on many culture conditions, including the correct media formulation for your cell line. To support cell growth, basal or complex media can be refined and enriched with supplements such as amino acids, vitamins, lipids, antibioitcs, and serum. Our cell culture supplements and reagents are backed our superior customer service and commitment to quality.
Cell Lines & Specialty Cell Culture
Cell culture is fundamental to life science research in universities, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and industry. Our comprehensive collection of cell lines includes authenticated, validated, mycoplasma-free mammalian and iPS cell lines available through our partnership with the European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC), primary cells from PromoCell® and Cell Applications, Inc. (CAI), and assay-ready stem cells, including induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), neural, mesenchymal, and hematopoietic stem cells.
Sterile Lab Media Filtration & Cultureware
Critical in reducing contamination in culture, sterile laboratory media filters are used to remove particulate contamination, sterilize liquid reagents, and clarify solutions of laboratory reagents, buffers, and media. Our sterile filtration solutions feature high-performance membranes and are available in a wide variety of formats including syringe filters, vacuum-driven filter units, and bottle top filters. Stericup® filter units are available with a receiver flask for processing and storing volumes from 150 mL up to 1,000 mL.