Sterile Laboratory Filtration Devices

Sterile Laboratory Filtration Devices
Prepare cell culture media and filter-sterilize aqueous solutions from a few mL to 20 L using industry-leading Millipore® sterile filtration devices. Choose fit-for-application membranes and pore sizes in Steriflip®, Sterivex®, Stericap®, and Steripak® devices.


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SEGPU1138 Stericup E GP 1000mL, .22um, 38 mm thread Expand
SEGPU1145 Stericup E GP 1000mL, .22um, 45 mm thread Expand
SEGPU0538 Stericup E GP 500mL, .22um, 38 mm thread Expand
SEGPU0545 Stericup E GP 500mL, .22um, 45 mm thread Expand
SEGPT0038 Steritop E All Volumes, .22um, 38 mm thread Expand
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