Tissue Diagnostics

From consistent routine and special stains, to reliable universal reagents, control slides and cell lines, we provide efficient, precision histology solutions for research and the clinical pathology laboratory. With decades of extensive in-house research and clinical expertise in the fields of histology, cytology, bacteriology and hematology, we have developed trusted staining solutions and ready-to-use test kits, as well as Biological Stain Commission (BSC) certified dyes, centrifugation media, and immunohistochemistry (IHC) reagents. Our complete line of solvents and fixatives for microscopy sample preparation, mounting media for routine and fluorescent applications, and tissue quality control slides allows increased stability, ease of use, and reproducibility of results. Our products are manufactured following cGMP practices, and our IVD stains and kits comply with ISO 13485 and CFR 820. Our pathology lab reagents are IVD-registered and CE-certified where required. We partner with you to provide optimized cell and tissue processing solutions, with reliable delivery and performance of the reagents, and the ultimate support in maintaining compliance and efficiency in your laboratory testing.
Bacteriology Stains
Browse through our comprehensive range of microbiological stains and reagents for all steps in bacteriology staining of research and clinical specimens.
Cell Separation Media
Explore our complete line of popular density gradient media for the separation or extraction of leukocytes, viruses, DNA, RNA, organelles and other research and clinical applications.
Cytology Stains
Choose from our comprehensive range of stains and reagents available for all the steps involved in cytochemical staining of research and clinical specimens.
Dry Dyes & Certified Stains
Choose from our comprehensive range of IVD and Biological Staining Commission Certified dry dyes and stains for use with research and clinical specimens.
Hematology Stains
Reliably differentiate and diagnose blood and bone marrow samples with your preferred protocol by selecting from our full range of high-quality hematological staining solutions.
Histology Stains
Discover the complete line of routine and special histological stains, control slides and other staining supplies for general histology and histopathology.
Tissue Diagnostics Universal Reagents
Discover our comprehensive range of reliable products used for histological microscopic analysis including reagents and labware for sample preparation, fixation, staining, mounting and diagnostics.