Whether you need to separate and concentrate proteins and other biomolecules or collect and remove contaminants from air or liquid samples prior to downstream analysis, our broad selection of syringe filters, membranes, filter holders, and tangential flow and centrifugal filtration devices ensures we have the right solution for your application. Our time-tested filtration products are proven in HPLC, mass spectrometry, protein preparation, testing lab, and pharma QC workflows. Our products span the full range of scalable consumables and equipment for research, process development, environmental, and commercial manufacturing applications.
Concentration Filters
Whether you need to concentrate proteins, viruses, or other biomolecules in biological, environmental, or clinical samples, we have the ideal tool for you. Select from a variety of filter materials with a broad range of molecular weight cut-offs offered in sterile and non-sterile options for small to large volume sample preparation. From centrifugal devices to static concentrators to stirred cells, our concentration filter products offer high recovery and rapid processing for consistent, reliable performance.
Filter Paper

Used commonly in quantitative and qualitative analysis, filter papers must be closely matched to the application according to the physical characteristics of the filter paper. There are many sizes, materials, types, and grades of filter paper available for a variety of applications. Whatman® filter papers use only the highest quality raw materials for high reproducibility and high uniformity. Whatman® cellulose filter papers are manufactured from high-quality cotton liners that are treated to achieve an α-cellulose content >98%. A wide selection of Whatman® filter papers are available to suit numerous laboratory applications. Pre-pleated (folded) filter paper is also available for convenience.

Filtration for Bioprocessing
We offer a variety of filtration-based solutions for DNA, RNA, and debris removal to help manufacturers produce high-quality and pure biopharmaceutical products. Our solutions optimize quality, cost, and capacity, while delivering consistent results manufacturers can trust. We have filtration products for every step of your process, including clarification depth filters, clarification systems, pretreatment solutions, and filters for media.
Laboratory Filter Holders

Filter housings are used in conjunction with cut disc membrane filters providing structural support and creating a seal around the membrane to prevent filtrate contamination. Reusable syringe filter holders are suited for filtering or clearing small amounts of liquid where a replaceable or removable filter is desired. Filter holders for vacuum and pressure filtration are available in a variety of formats and sizes to accommodate a range of filter diameters. Filter holder selection is dependent on the following criteria:

Laboratory Filter Membranes
Laboratory filter membranes, also known as cut disc membranes, are used in conjunction with filter holders and other hardware in a variety of applications including prefiltration, solvent filtration, sample clarification, sterilizing filtration, air monitoring, particle collection and analysis, and other biological and environmental applications. Our exhaustive portfolio of laboratory filters and supporting hardware has helped generations of scientists reach new milestones. With the needs of today’s scientist at the top of our minds, we have continued to evolve our portfolio to ensure our products meet the latest standards and regulatory guidelines, and to innovate new membrane materials for emerging applications.
Laboratory Syringe Filters
Improve signal-to-noise ratios, maintain clean baselines, and maximize instrument uptime with high quality, trusted syringe filters. Our syringe filters are offered in a variety of membrane materials, pore sizes, diameters, and housing materials for sensitive instrumental analyses including gas, liquid, and ion chromatography. Browse our broad range of syringe filters optimized to minimize sample loss and reduce fouling in HPLC and other applications.
Vacuum Filters

We provide bottle-top vacuum filtration and pressure filtration units for routine filtration of buffers, solvents and culture media, syringeless filters for HPLC and UHPLC sample preparation, pressure filter funnels for solute and compound drying, and analytical filter funnels for microbiological testing. Vacuum manifolds and in-line filter devices to help confine and isolate contaminants in vacuum systems are also available for convenience.