Centrifugal Filters

Centrifugal Filters
Filtration devices can be used to concentrate small to large volume biological and environmental samples in preparation for downstream processing and analysis.


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ACS5100 *del*Amicon Pro System - 100K 24PK Expand
ACS5010 *DEL*Amicon Pro System - AU0.5 10K 12PK Expand
ACS5030 *DEL*Amicon Pro System - AU0.5 30K 12PK Expand
ACS5003 *DEL*Amicon Pro System - AU0.5 3K 12PK Expand
ACS5050 *DEL*Amicon Pro System - AU0.5 50K 12PK Expand
ACS510002 *DEL*Amicon Pro Trial Pac k - 2 PK 100kDa Expand
ACS501002 *DEL*Amicon Pro Trial Pac k - 2 PK 10kDa Expand
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