Materials Science

We provide ready-to-use nanomaterials, including functionalized nanoparticles, quantum dots, carbon nanomaterials, boron nitride nanotubes, perovskites, and OLED materials. Our biomedical materials comprise degradable polymers, natural polymers, block copolymers, hydrogels, and PEGs. Our high-performance energy materials and electronics materials have advanced semiconducting capacity and power density. Our high-purity metal salts, deposition precursors, metals, alloys, oxides, monomers, polymers, initiators, and additional polymerization tools ensure the synthesis of high-quality materials.
Biomedical Materials
Biomaterials are any synthetic or natural material used to improve or replace functionality in biological systems. The best biomaterials are biocompatible and work synergistically with the biological host. The field of biomaterials is interdisciplinary and includes chemistry, biology and medicine. Here you will find biocompatible metals and ceramics as well as a range of biodegradable polymers. We offer a wide selection of poly(ethylene glycol) polymers with various end-functionalities, as well as bifunctional cross-linkers and crosslinking agents useful for synthesizing hydrogels and biodegradable devices.
Electronic Materials
We offer a variety of materials for energy applications, such as organic semiconducting products for use in high performance devices (OPVs, OLEDs and OTFTs) to support academic research and industrial manufacturing. Compared to inorganic materials, organic materials are flexible, relatively cost-effective, and easy to manufacture. For example, organic materials are used as components of conductive inks, so devices can be efficiently fabricated using inkjet printing technology.
Energy Materials
With the search for new solutions to energy efficiency and renewable energy problems, our materials are designed for development and manufacture. Whether you work on alternative fuels, solar energy, energy storage or fuel cells, we offer products to support your advanced technologies that neither deplete natural resources nor harm the environment.