Liquid Crystals

Liquid Crystals
We provide well-defined liquid crystal materials spanning nematic, cholesteric, smectic, and discotic phases, as well as liquid crystal polymers and mesogens to facilitate the design of ordered, smart, stimuli-responsive molecular systems.


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408859 (S)-4-((1-METHYLHEPTYLOXY Expand
514578 *DEL*1,2-DIHEXYLOXYBENZEN E, 98 Expand
278602 *del*1-DODECYLPYRIDINIUM Expand
338672 *del*4'-(OCTYLOXY)-4-BIPH Expand
328529 *del*4'-(PENTYLOXY)-4-BIP Expand
338648 *del*4'-HEXYL-4-BIPHENYLC Expand
459569 *del*4'-METHYL-2-BIPHENYL Expand
A97009 *del*4,4'-AZOXYANISOLE, 9 Expand
328537 *del*4-((S,S)-2,3-EPOXYHE Expand
363812 *del*4-(DECYLOXY)BENZOIC Expand
139750 *del*4-(DODECYLOXY)BENZOI Expand
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