Sterile Filtration & Bioburden Control

Bioburden control in pharma and biopharma processes is critical to assuring the microbial safety of drugs for patients. Bioburden reduction and sterilizing filters are integral components of all bioburden control strategies. Our broad portfolio of membrane filters offers options for efficient processing of every pharma and biopharma stream; from cell culture media through process intermediates to final sterile filtration. Our membrane filters offer the highest level of sterility assurance, are available in different formats, and are supported by comprehensive documentation packages to meet your compliance needs.
Integrity Testers
For non-destructive filter integrity testing that is fast, reliable, and repeatable, the Integritest® 5 automated test instrument allows bubble point and diffusion testing inline or offline, with additional capability for hydrophobic filter testing when paired with the Exact-Air™ II water-based test unit.
Filter Housings
Pre-configured to meet all your biopharmaceutical process and filtration needs, our Series 4000™ line of single-round stainless steel filter housings offers a variety of T-Line and In-Line designs, as well as a wide range of tube sizes.
Sterile Filters
Sterile filtration with disposable filters is a common operation in bioprocessing and part of every bioburden control strategy. Sterile filtration assures microbial safety of the drug for patients. Learn how to select the best sterilizing filter for your process step.
Prefilters & Bioburden Control
Prefilters are used to remove particulates and protect downstream unit operations. They can be used to provide column protection or in front of a sterilizing-grade filter to improve capacity. Learn how our cost-effective prefilters can enhance your process economics.
Gas & Vent Filters
Gas vents and vent filters used throughout biomanufacturing help maintain near-ambient pressure in product tanks, bioreactors, closed systems, and/or related utilities. Find the right sterile vent filter for your process application needs.
Final Sterile Filtration & Filling
Pre-sterilized, single-use filling systems offer speed and flexibility for critical final filtration and final fill operations. Learn how advances in aseptic filtration simplify PUPSIT and enable optimized sterile fill finish operations.
Filters for Food & Beverage Production
Cost-effective filtration for particulate reduction and bioburden control is vital in food and beverage production. Learn how filters can be easily integrated into your process to meet regulatory requirements and to yield high quality without compromising flavor, consistency, and safety.