ZooMAb Antibodies

ZooMAb Antibodies
ZooMAb® recombinant antibodies represent a new generation of monoclonal antibodies that are specifically engineered using our proprietary technologies that provide state-of-the-art consistency and applications performance.


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ZRB1010 AnAnti-CD8a, clone 1B19 Z Expand
ZRB1856 Anti-14-3-3 β/α Antibody, Expand
ZRB1153 Anti-53BP1 Antibody, clon Expand
ZMS1044 Anti-53BP1 Antibody, clon Expand
ZRB1316 Anti-Ac-α-Tubulin (Lys40) Expand
ZRB1828 Anti-ACAD10 Antibody, clo Expand
ZRB06599 Anti-Acetyl Histone H3 (L Expand
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