Live Cell Imaging Reagents

Live Cell Imaging Reagents
Reagents for live cell imaging are designed to be nontoxic and to protect live cells while optimizing visualization during real-time studies of cell trafficking and localization, cell health, gene expression, migration, cytoskeletal dynamics, and other cellular events.


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รายการ 1-12 จาก 35

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หมายเลขสินค้า รายละเอียดสินค้า ราคา
SCT135 BioTracker 405 Blue Mitochondria Dye Expand
SCT110 BioTracker 488 Green CFSE Cell Proliferation Kit Expand
SCT144 BioTracker 488 Green Lipid Droplet Dye Expand
SCT142 BioTracker 488 Green Micro Cyto Dye Expand
SCT136 BioTracker 488 Green Mito ondria Dye Expand
SCT033 BioTracker 520 Green Hypo xia Dye Expand
SCT107 BioTracker 555 Orange Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye Expand
SCT137 BioTracker 633 Red Mitoch ondria Dye Expand
SCT138 BioTracker NIR633 Lysosom sosome Dye Expand
SCT117 BioTracker NIR694 Nuclear Expand
SCT118 BioTracker NIR694 Nuclear Dye(DMSO) Expand