Chemistry & Biochemicals

Innovation drives science and we are a leader in chemistry innovation. Discover our broad portfolio of innovative chemistry products and custom chemistry services for all your laboratory and production applications. We provide chemical synthesis building blocks and catalysts for medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, organic and inorganic lab chemicals and reagents, and cutting-edge materials such as polymers and nanomaterials used in biomedical, electronics, engineering, and energy applications. Accelerate your research with our vast online database of chemical properties, protocols, and publications to empower your discoveries. Scientific and technological advancements are making it easier to understand the causes of and physiological processes of diseases and how molecular and biochemical aspects play a role. Our biochemicals portfolio, including amino acids, antibiotics, buffers, coenzymes, detergents, and lipids, provides an uncompromising standard of quality and consistency for a multitude of life science research fields, including lipidomics, neuroscience, cell culture, and cancer research. Explore our metabolite compound libraries and assay kits covering key metabolic pathways for convenient and dependable analysis in metabolomics research.
Amino Acids, Resins & Reagents for Peptide Synthesis

We offer an unparalleled portfolio of natural and unnatural amino acids, resins, and coupling reagents of unrivaled quality for peptide synthesis, including the entire portfolio of over 1,000 Novabiochem® products. Combining this extensive offering with the latest innovative products such as the phophoroserine building block, Fmoc-Ser(PO(NHiPr)2)-OH), Trp-BODIPY fluorescent probe, CITC coupling reagent, and the Pinc cyclization reagent we’ll make your breakthroughs feel closer than ever. Many products are supported by detailed protocols, application examples, and practical advice. Moreover, the famous Novabiochem application notes are now available online!

For years, Novabiochem® peptide synthesis reagents have set the gold standard for quality and reliability. The quality of reagents is critical to the scientific credibility of results obtained with synthetic peptides. Small, almost trivial, differences in purity of the starting reagents can greatly affect the microheterogeneity of the product peptide. For example, building blocks with only 99.5% optical purity can theoretically only produce 78% of the target 50mer, whereas building blocks with 99.8% optical purity rise to 90%. The purified products from both syntheses can look homogeneous by HPLC, however the peptide obtained using the 99.5% optically pure building blocks will only contain at maximum 78% of the target: the diastereomeric by-products will be hiding under the product peak as they are inseparable and are of course undetectable by MS.

It is for this reason we strive to make our 20 standard Fmoc-amino acids amongst the highest quality available on the market. Most importantly, we analyze for known microimpurities, which could produce inseparable and undetectable impurities in the final peptide product:

  • Majority specified to ≥ 99.00% HPLC purity and ≥ 99.80% enantiomeric purity
  • Analyzed using internal standards for β-alanine-related impurities, dipeptides and unprotected amino acids to ensure these crucial peptidic impurities are not hidden under the main product peak
  • Very low acetate and ethyl acetate content to ensure formation of capped peptides is negligible and to promote long-term storage of these products

With the capability to offer large batches, we support your growth every step of the way, from R&D to scaled-up production across the globe. Get the exact quality and quantity you need for:

  • Peptide synthesis
  • High-throughput organic chemistry
  • Labeled peptides
  • Custom-manufactured products
Lab Chemicals
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of lab chemicals including acids, salts, caustic alkalis, bases, metals, solvents, and special products for analytical use in wet chemical labs, organic labs, and elsewhere. With strict quality controls and excellent batch-to-batch consistency, you can always expect reliable results. We also supply complementary lab chemicals for daily applications, such as drying agents, cleaning detergents, indicators, and auxiliaries. For maximum safety and simplicity during lab work, we provide specialized safety products, such as withdrawal systems, accessories, and powerful spill absorbents.
Greener Alternatives Products
We believe that one of the keys to a better tomorrow is Green Chemistry and Sustainability which can ensure that our next generation chemicals, materials, and energy is sustainable and safe.

Here you can explore our products, services, and the latest information to help you reduce your environmental footprint. Greener alternatives don’t mean sacrificing quality. With our growing portfolio of Greener Alternative Products, there are now more ways than ever to reduce your environmental impact, while still delivering on quality and efficacy.
Flavors & Fragrances

Aroma chemicals enhance the flavor or fragrance in a wide range of consumer products. Our certified food-grade, IFRA (International Fragrance Association), natural, kosher, and halal ingredients undergo scientific analysis and dedicated testing to provide safe and high-quality aroma chemicals for product formulation and development. A collaborative approach towards qualified vendors and compliance with internationally recognized regulatory requirements helps you meet the requirements of your customer.

Chemical Synthesis
We provide the most comprehensive product range and enabling technologies for chemical research. From stockroom reagents to specialized catalysts and building blocks, we have the right products available to shorten your synthetic route. Our vast product offering includes coupling, halogenation, Grignard, oxidation, protection, deprotection, reduction, organoaluminium, and organosilicon reagents.
Chemical Biology
Chemical biology products incorporate the techniques and strengths of chemistry to address fundamentally important questions in biology, medicine, and drug discovery. Sigma-Aldrich® chemical biology products provide solutions, expertise, and industry leadership to advance your research. We offer a market-leading range of innovative products for conjugation strategies, such as azide-alkyne cycloaddition chemistry, as well as synthetic intermediates and building blocks for the synthesis of biomolecules, such as peptides, carbohydrates, and oligonucleotides.
Catalytic transformations have become a mainstay in the toolkit of the synthetic and increasing non-synthetic chemist alike. We offer a wide variety of heterogeneous metal catalysts, homogeneous metal catalysts, photocatalysts, and organocatalysts. In addition to different catalyst types, we offer reaction-specific catalysts, including Baran Diversinates™ for C–H activation; Stille, Buchwald–Hartwig, Negishi, Heck, Miyaura–Suzuki, and Sonogashira for cross-coupling reactions; and Grubbs catalysts for olefin metathesis.
Building Blocks
Organic building blocks are organic functionalized molecules, the basic components for organic synthesis. They are used for bottom-up modular assembly of molecular architectures such as supra-molecular complexes, metal-organic frameworks, organic molecular constructs and nanoparticles.
Biochemicals directly impact the quality and reproducibility of your results. Buffers, detergents, antibiotics, and substrates are indispensable for any laboratory. Each technique or workflow in molecular biology, cellular analysis, chromatographic separation, and protein detection requires specific biochemicals with specific characteristics. Our biochemicals are competitively priced, and backed by our superior customer service and commitment to quality.
APIs & Formulation
Our broad range of GMP products covers pharmaceutical raw materials for the development and manufacturing of solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms for small and large molecules. Additionally, we offer a portfolio of drug delivery compounds (DDCs), as well as solutions for solubility enhancement and controlled release. Speed up your raw material qualification process and benefit from our application know-how and regulatory support consisting of the comprehensive Emprove® Dossier Library.
Stable Isotopes

ISOTEC® Stable Isotopes are stable isotope compounds, ranging from gases to complex molecules. These compounds are useful for tracer studies in proteomics and metabolomics, agents for MRI / MRS, and in a wide range of other biomedical applications.

Both tracer and flux studies benefit from stable isotope label assistance. Metabolic pathways can be studied by tracking naturally-occurring and disease-indicated metabolites. Additionally, the effects of exogeneous substances or perturbations on the metabolome can be elucidated with the use of our stable isotope-labeled internal standards coupled with mass spectroscopy determination.