In academic research and drug discovery, the need to simultaneously process multiple samples or conserve precious sample and reagents continues to increase. The demand for more sensitive detection limits is critical to accelerating advances in the laboratory setting. Multi-well microplates enable rapid, automation-compatible sample preparation and assay miniaturization to fulfill the requirements of life science, environmental, analytical, clinical, forensic, and industrial workflows. We offer a variety of standard and unique microplates for biochemical and cellular assays as well as plates for sample preparation and storage.
MultiScreen® Solid Bottom Plates
96-well and 384-well microplates for biochemical assays, ELISA, high throughput screening, and compound storage.
MultiScreen® Filter Plates
MultiScreen® filtration plates in 96-well and 384-well formats with a variety of membrane options are for high throughput screening, ELISpot assays, ligand binding assays, cell-based assays, ADME testing, PCR cleanup, and sample prep.
Millicell® Cell Culture Inserts & Plates
Millicell® cell culture inserts and plates, chamber slides, and multilayer cell culture flasks are engineered for efficient cell culture, in vivo-like cell growth, and biologically relevant results. Choose hanging or standing inserts for your culture application.