Millicell® Cell Culture Inserts & Plates

Millicell® Cell Culture Inserts & Plates
Millicell® cell culture inserts and plates, chamber slides, and multilayer cell culture flasks are engineered for efficient cell culture, in vivo-like cell growth, and biologically relevant results. Choose hanging or standing inserts for your culture application.


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MCHT24H48 *del* Millicell Hanging Cell Culture Insert Expand
MERS00002 *DEL*Millicell ERS-2 Volt-Ohm Meter, 1 SET Expand
MDH-2N1 Milli Disposable Hemocytometer 2N1, 50PK Expand
PEZXMSH01 Millicell EZ SLIDE Micro scope Slide Holder, 1 eac Expand
PFHYS1008 Millicell HY Flask T-1000 Sterile 8/pk Expand
PFHYS0616 Millicell HY Flask T-600 Sterile 16/pk Expand
MERSSTX01 Millicell Probe Set Expand