Laboratory Stirring & Mixing

Laboratory Stirring & Mixing
An extension selection of stir rods, vortexers, orbital shakers, magnetic stir bars and spin bars, plate stirrers, stir mantles, impellers, and overhead stirrers are available for mixing, homogenizing, and dissolving solutions and samples.


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Z648558 *del*Accessory pack for S Expand
CLS440811 *del*CORNING(R) SS2L STIR Expand
Z340413 *del*GRADIENT MIXER SIZE Expand
Z340391 *del*GRADIENT MIXER SIZE Expand
Z340421 *del*GRADIENT MIXER SIZE Expand
Z340405 *del*GRADIENT MIXER, 30 M Expand
Z655996 *del*Heidolph Reax overhe Shakers Expand
Z676101 *del*IKA MS 3 MINISHAKER Expand
Z645060 *del*IKA(R) RCT BASIC IKA Expand