High-Purity Metals & Alloys

High-Purity Metals & Alloys
We offer an extensive range of high-purity metals and alloys in diverse compositions and particles size, even customized for your research and production applications.


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902470 *del*ACTIVATED CARBON, BI Expand
GF75163833 *del*ALUMINIUM ALLOY 2014 Expand
GF13704320 *del*ALUMINUM ALLOY 7075, Expand
692875 *del*ALUMINUM NICKEL COBA Expand
692883 *del*ALUMINUM NICKEL COBA Expand
692867 *del*ALUMINUM NICKEL COBA Expand
GF00997678 *del*ALUMINUM, FOIL, THIC Expand
GF01486054 *del*ALUMINUM, FOIL, THIC Expand
GF44434256 *del*ALUMINUM, FOIL, THIC Expand
GF06053857 *del*ALUMINUM, FOIL, THIC Expand