Bioprocessing Systems

Our Bioprocessing systems include an extensive range of products to meet your unique manufacturing needs. From single-use to multi-use, upstream to downstream, our portfolio of bioprocessing systems has a solution to support every step of your manufacturing journey.
Bioprocessing Single-Use Bioreactors
Mobius® single-use bioreactors are scalable, configurable, and reliable, able to perform fed-batch and perfusion bioprocessing at any scale from benchtop to full-scale production.
Chromatography Systems
We provide standard and custom systems from pilot to process-scale, offering robust and consistent performance with the processing flexibility you need.
Chromatography Columns for Bioprocessing
Chromatography columns are critical to the successful separation of your valuable molecules. We provide columns from lab scale to pilot and process scale.
Single-Use Mixers
Our complete range of Mobius® single-use mixing solutions can meet your needs for mixing pharmaceutical ingredients from intermediate to final drug products, as well as preparation of process solutions such as buffers and media.
Integrity Testers
With many biopharmaceutical manufacturers now testing filters before and after use, there is a need for non-destructive test methods that are fast, reliable, and repeatable. The Integritest® 5 automated test instrument meets this need by enabling non-destructive integrity testing , with the flexibility to add a paired Exact-Air™ II water-based test unit for hydrophobic filters.
Virus Filter Holders & Systems
We offer a wide range of flexible, easy-to-use filter holders and systems that provide the highest levels of retention assurance and processing efficiency across a broad range of feed streams, enabling scalable virus filtration that meets your manufacturing demands.
Clarification Filter Holders & Systems
Flexible, easy-to-use filter holders are a key component of the Pod system’s modular design, enabling scalable filtration that meets your manufacturing demands without increasing footprint.