Protein Electrophoresis & Western Blotting

Protein electrophoresis and Western blotting are critical methods for protein resolution and protein detection and analysis, respectively. We offer a wide variety of standard buffers, reagents, and stains for Western blotting. Our blocking, transfer, and wash buffers are all available in a variety of concentrations and package sizes. Choose from gel casting reagents or pre-cast gels, to simplify your protein resolution. Immobilon® PVDF membranes are the ideal transfer membranes for protein blotting applications.
Electrophoresis Systems & Transfer Equipment
Electrophoresis tanks, blotting systems, and power supplies for protein gel electrophoresis and wet and semi-dry transfer.
Transfer Membranes & Kits
Choose from a variety of Immobilon® PVDF membranes for optimal Western blotting and protein immunoblotting performance based on target protein size, application, detection method, and convenience.
Immunodetection Reagents & Substrates
High quality blocking reagents, secondary antibodies, and HRP and AP substrates for Western blotting and immunoblotting detection.
Membrane Immunodetection Devices
Simplify your Western blotting workflow and save time using immunodetection devices for Western blot blocking, antibody binding, and washing.
Protein Electrophoresis Gels & Buffers
Precast polyacrylamide protein gels, running buffers, and hand-casting reagents for hand-pouring polyacrylamide gels for PAGE and SDS-PAGE protein gel electrophoresis.
Protein Electrophoresis Gel Stains
High sensitivity colorimetric and fluorescent protein gel stains, fixing solutions, and de-staining reagents for polyacrylamide gels, agarose gels, and PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes.
Protein Markers
Pre-stained and unstained molecular weight markers for protein gel electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, and Western blotting applications.
Transfer Buffers & Reagents
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