Protein Purification Chromatography

For decades, liquid chromatography has been a powerful tool for isolating proteins, peptides, and other molecules from complex mixtures. Protein A, Protein G and Protein L bind IgG from a variety of species; resins crosslinked to these proteins are used to purify monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies. Affinity resins for fusion tags added to recombinant proteins allow purification by affinity chromatography. To support your protein research, we offer a broad range of protein chromatography tools for antibody purification and affinity purification, including the FLAG® system of recombinant fusion protein detection and purification.
Antibody Protein Purification
Antibody purification resins and prepacked columns for lab scale, process scale, and industry scale workflows.
Biotinylated Protein Purification
Streptavidin and avidin resins and prepacked columns for small- to large-scale purification of biotinylated proteins and antibodies.
FLAG® Purification
Expression vectors, affinity resins, and antibodies for expressing, purifying, and detecting FLAG® tagged fusion proteins.
Recombinant/Fusion Tag Protein Purification
Affinity purification resins and buffers for purifying His-tagged, GST-tagged, FLAG® tagged, S-tag™, Strep-Tag II, and T7-tagged proteins under native or denaturing conditions using batch or column purification techniques.