Protein Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is critical to prepare and purify proteins for functional or structural studies. Our complete range of reagents and enzymes for cell lysis and protein extraction provide you with an array of options so that you can put together the perfect extraction protocol for your particular cells and protein. We offer a wide vareity of products for protein purification, including agarose resins, magnetic beads, and FLAG® tag technology. Our membrane-based, protein sample concentration technologies, including tangential flow filtration (TFF)-based separation, enable fast, easy concentration, desalting and buffer exchange.
Amicon® Devices
Centrifugal and pressurized ultrafiltration devices for protein concentration, desalting, buffer exchange, separation, and diafiltration of biological and environmental samples in preparation for downstream applications.
Subcellular Fractionation Reagents
Fully validated subcellular fractionation and protein enrichment and depletion kits tailored for proteomics research and downstream applications including activity assays, protein microarrays, immunoblotting, ELISA, 2D gel electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry.
Recombinant/Fusion Tag Protein Purification
Affinity purification resins and buffers for purifying His-tagged, GST-tagged, FLAG® tagged, S-tag™, Strep-Tag II, and T7-tagged proteins under native or denaturing conditions using batch or column purification techniques.
Laboratory Dialysis & Diafiltration Devices
Dialyzers, centrifugal ultrafiltration devices, and stirred cells for buffer exchange, dialysis, desalting, and diafiltration of 10 µL – 1,200 mL sample volumes.
Laboratory Concentration Devices
Centrifugal and pressurized ultrafiltration devices for high recovery protein concentration and concentration of other biological and environmental samples in preparation for downstream applications.
Protease & Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktails
Protease and phosphatase inhibitors and cocktails to prevent proteolysis and protein dephosphorylation, and to preserve the active state of proteins during cell lysis, protein extraction, and sample preparation.
FLAG® Purification
Expression vectors, affinity resins, and antibodies for expressing, purifying, and detecting FLAG® tagged fusion proteins.
Biotinylated Protein Purification
Streptavidin and avidin resins and prepacked columns for small- to large-scale purification of biotinylated proteins and antibodies.
Antibody Protein Purification
Antibody purification resins and prepacked columns for lab scale, process scale, and industry scale workflow
Whole Cell Lysis Reagents & Enhancers
Protein extraction kits, cell lysis buffers, and reagents for solubilizing proteins from bacteria, yeast, and insect cultures, as well as plant and mammalian cell cultures and tissue samples.